moose10101: literally 'taken away' I admit is a bit subjective here. But you must admit that when the baby was ready to exit the womb, it certainly SEEMED that way! Popular Photography and Shutterbug lost no time in 'unremembering' over one hundred years of analog.

David Goldfarb: It would be interesting and enticing to have an optional 'age' field on new memberships (as well as an addendum for existing ones). This could impart much.

And tkamiya, although the 'political correctness' part might be appealing to you and others, the net result of actually knowing how old newcomers are would be mighty informative towards understanding just how healthy analog really is. New blood does mean something here and I think that that posits political sensitivities as clearly subordinate. There is more to life than self-esteem, dear. - David Lyga