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Actually the neg carrier looks like a speed carrier to me. Used for printing an entire roll without cutting into 5 or 6 or 7 frame strips like most of us do depending on size of neg pages.

The 2 scalloped looking parts on either side of the neg stage hold the roll on the feed side and the opposite side hods the roll as you progress through the roll. The carrier has a hinge and the film gets sandwiched and you slide it through as you go.
Yes you are right, I discovered this today while fiddling with it outside in the sun.

Having never actually seen an enlarger before I didn't see the hinge, and the top part had a raised edge so I didn't realize it went between.

Anyway whoever said making new bellows was easy, I'll send you my 3 Kodak folders and you can do it for me since its so easy

The inside of the two hinged parts has some rust, so I'm writing the whole thing off, I'm just going to play with it outside and familiarize myself with the functions and extending and retracting the bellows for focusing and then throw it out...


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