I've seen some of the threads here concerning Ektar 100, and impressions seem to vary from "greatest thing since sliced bread" to "Kodak was having a bad hair day".

I tried some recently, as I thought it might be a good film to take to England with me next week. But my results were not good.

Basically, I have a lot of color crossover. If I try to get the filtration right for most tones, the shadow areas end up very blue. The film seems to need more red filtration than others. But the crossover is the killer. Portra, on the other hand, is quite easy to print with.

I've heard about color casts with Ektar, but is crossover in shadow areas a common problem? Or perhaps it is my developing - but I have not had this problem with other films.

I'd be interested in reactions. Meanwhile, I think instead I'll be tapping my vast quantities of unperforated Portra 160 instead, and my trusty Nikkormat (converted to non-perf film) is going to have to be my travel companion.