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People have a really hard time believing that all you need to process E6 is a dishtub with holes in the sides, running sink water, a good thermometer, and E6 chems.

Try it. It's not hard, and you will have better-than-lab results.
I know it is not too hard but when I shoot 35mm and want mounted slides it is just too easy to pay a lab to do the work and save me the time and effort. With B&W you can alter the developer and technique to get what you want. With E6 all I want is standard development and mounting. As for a good thermometer get a standard oral thermometer from a drug store. They are only a few dollars and are VERY accurate around 100 degrees F. Another thing I have found that works well is a crock pot with a dial temp control. Some of them can hold temp very well when set to the low warm setting. It takes a day of going back and forth with the dial but when you find where to set it just mark that spot and you are set for the future.