(wrt memzilla's "SLR+RF" suggestion)

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That is good advice from "Memzilla," if it can fit within your budget.
I agree that two cameras might make sense, but I submit that memzilla's reasons for not liking TLRs are fairly personal. They seem to have a gestalt that works for some people and not for others, and the exact issues that bother one person ("I keep trying to bring the camera to my eye!") are comforts to another ("I don't have to bring the camera to my eye!").

There are quite a few acceptable-quality, fairly-cheap TLRs around---Rolleicords, Yashicae, the occasional Autocord that somehow has its focus lever intact---and their values seem pretty stable, so I think "buy a TLR, give it a try, resell if not appealing" is a low-risk proposition.