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the exact issues that bother one person ("I keep trying to bring the camera to my eye!") are comforts to another ("I don't have to bring the camera to my eye!").
Well yeah, but with SLR systems (Pentacon6, Hasselblad (-ski), SL66, RB/Z 67, Mamiya645 (not AF), Bronica, Rollei 6k, etc, etc) you can try both in one. Most would come with a Waist Level Finder and/or a Metering Prism, if you don't get both then you can just buy one or the other that you're missing (except the Rollei 6008, afaik it meters internally so WLF is standard). My favourite is actually halfway, the Hasselbladski 45 degree prism. Eye-level and Metering, but the camera sits around shoulder-height and not true eye-level. And most of the time if i'm shooting in one spot for a while, no matter what camera i'm using, I meter with the TTL prism for accuracy, then swap to the WLF for extra freedom.