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People have a really hard time believing that all you need to process E6 is a dishtub with holes in the sides, running sink water, a good thermometer, and E6 chems.

Try it. It's not hard, and you will have better-than-lab results.
Neither E-6, C-41 or RA-4 is very tough to do but when you are living with a septic tank and a well continuously running water is not the best idea. And if you live where your water is metered and you are charged by the gallons you use you can run up quite a bill that way. I personally use a small aquarium pump to recycle my water from a 20 gallon tub, through a heater, and into my washtub...with just one hole that allows water to recycle back to the 20 gallon tank. That also works quite well and is a touch more conservative.