After searching for several months, I finally found a reasonable price for a Contax W-1 lens hood for my Vario-Sonnar 28-85. It didn't occur to me that finding a lens cap for an 82mm hood would be so difficult.

I don't need the original Contax K-94, and those are quite pricey, anyway (when you can find one!). What I would like is a screw-in metal cap that fits the threads at the front end of the W-1 hood. I either misread something or I got some bad information and thought that it would be 95mm, so I ordered a 95mm screw cap. It didn't fit, of course, because the threads are 99mm.

Possibly I should be posting this in the WTB section, but I'm hoping more eyes will see it here, and someone will maybe know of another specific lens that takes a 99mm cap (perhaps some MF lens I don't know about?), and give me suggestions for expanding my search. I did find some auctions for new 3rd party push-on caps for the W-1 hood, one as low as $46. But I'd prefer a threaded cap, and would also prefer not to spend that much for a cap. At least as a temporary solution, I'd be happy to buy a cheap plastic pinch cap, if one exists in the 99mm size. Any ideas?