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I have 3 (and a bunch of Grafmatics) that I use and have never had a problem with. Not as smooth as a Grafmatic but the extra 4 shots make a big difference. Since they are just a tad thicker than a Grafmatic that might make a difference in some cameras. I lube all my holders with bicycle chain wax at the wear points and that makes a difference in general smoothness.
Thanks to everyone for the insight.
Hi outwest, What brand bicycle wax lube do U use? I've been using Boeshield T-9 on bikes for ~ 20yrs, although it came in ~2nd from last in a receint VeloNews test, I was very disappointed:-(. (Although the VN campairo doesn't really relate to camera stuff.) I've never had the nerve to use it on any photo equipment. Does your brand stay put? Not get on film, lenses, diaphragm blades, etc? The best lube in the VN test was candle wax. I've never had an iota of success w/ candle wax on chains, but in reading their procedure I think I may have not heated it enough. Candle wax has been recommended for camera (mechanical) threads, that can't allow lube running.
Thanks, Jay Drew