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Ektar works beautifully in Los Angeles and Las Vegas light. Maybe not for North Europe and the British Isles.

I would love to hear from South America for their impressions.
I would totally agree with this. And i'm in the Pac. Northwest.
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I like Ektar as a scanned film. I've only printed it optically once and after the "Oww my eyes!" reaction at first, I kinda liked it. It excels as a scanned film though, where you can more easily correct casts and shadows and such. That is, if you like contrasty colorful images. Some folks just plain don't like that look and Ektar will never be the film for them.
This is the key. Ektar was designed for scanning. In my experience, it works best when exposed as if it were ISO 50 film. Warms it up a bit, and removes the blue tones that it can get. I'm in the crowd that says Ektar is the best thing since sliced bread.

This is way contrasiter and punchier than Portra by a long shot, and IMO the color is unreal from what you'd historically get from color negative. Straight Noritsu scans, from the best lab in the world, Richard Photo Lab: