6-1/2" f/6.8 Goerz Dagor
in Acme shutter
$125 or best reasonable offer, plus shipping

The glass on this lens is in surprisingly good shape for its age. There's some accumulated grime right up around the edges of both elements, but this shouldn't affect picture taking in any way.

The serial number indicates that it was made between 1918 and 1927; I'd estimate sometime around 1920 or early '20s at the latest. I suspect that the lens in this shutter is its original configuration, and that it was made in the US.

The Acme shutter works well but is not accurate. 1 sec is nearly spot on; 1/2 is actually about .6; and 1/5 runs at about .45. I can run a thorough test with my shutter tester and provide the correct speeds; you'll need this!

Wide open at f/6.8, stops down to f/45.

These were rated to cover 6x8, but I've heard that it might cover 8x10 stopped all the way down -- however, attempting this you might get quite a bit of fall-off at the corners, maybe some vignetting. In any event, it'll cover 5x7 with ample movements.

Comes with retaining ring and old rubber "Lens Guard" front cap.

Figure about 2 lbs pounds shipping weight from Zip Code 90027, or 2.4 pounds if you want both lenses/shutters. I like to ship via Priority Mail; UPS is also available.

I ship after PayPal clears to my bank account; this takes a few days.