305mm f/9 Schneider Repro Claron
in Prontor Press Electronic #1 shutter (no controller)
$150 or best reasonable offer, plus shipping

This is a very nice sample of this lens, the glass is really nice, no issues. Just a little bit of dust that'll get in there no matter what you do. Coating is beautiful.

The electronic shutter works well but I don't have the controller for it. It works fine at B, but all other speeds clock in at about 1/6 second. If you could find a controller for it (doubtful), you'd have a made.

Wide open at f/9, stops down to f/90.

I have a Copal Polaroid #1 shutter, with 127mm Tominon lens on it, all in near mint condition, into which the Repro Claron elements will fit. However, the aperture has a "governor" on it which will only allow it to open to the Tominon's f/4.7, which appears to be about f/11 for the Repro Claron. If you want it, you can have it for an additional $75. Or, if you have a Copal 1, that'll work too.

Comes with retaining ring and Schneider front cap.

Figure about 2 lbs pounds shipping weight from Zip Code 90027, or 2.4 pounds if you want both lenses/shutters. I like to ship via Priority Mail; UPS is also available.

I ship after PayPal clears to my bank account; this takes a few days.