These are the stock codes for the screens taken from old catalogues.

42161 standard screen
42188 split-image rangefinder
42234 central grid 15mm
42218 central grid and rangefinder
42250 central grid and checked
42285 fine line screen (finer frsnel)
42200 plain glass screen
42165 Acutte matte
42167 Acutte Matte TCC 6mm ring
42170 Acutte Matte grid and rangefinder
42204 Acutte Matte D
42210 Acutte Matte D 202 /203 28mm ring
42213 Acuute Matte D 205 6mm ring
42207 Acutte Matte D PME90/45 12mm ring
42215 Acutte Matte D microprism and rangefinder
42217 Acutte Matte D Grid (checked) and rangefinder 6mm
42219 Acutte Matte D 202/203 grid (checked) and rangefinder.

Hasselblad were inconsistent in the way they described things, early microprism screens were called grids and the verticle and horizontal guide lines were called 'checked'. By the time of the D screens the term 'grid' meant the checked pattern and the microprism term was used in place of the earlier 'grid'. I hope that makes sense.
This is not a complete list of all the screens that have been available, I would need to do a little more research, one of my favourites was the opto fibre screen but I gave that to a photographer whose need was greater than mine.

The old screens are criticised and that is understandable but at the time they were as good any any others in other cameras of the day, people forget how long Hasselblads have been around. I have spent a long time helping photographers make a screen selection thats suits their unique style, some people can't stand grids and others cannot work without them.