Back to the original question by the OP.

David I'm afraid that analog/chemical is dying off with the years. You need to accept that without melancholy and realize that there will always be a niche group that stays and plays/works in analog.

But the world has moved on with technology as it always does.

Photography has maybe 3 components, amateurs, artists, and professionals. The amateurs have moved on except for maybe 1% of the population or less. The artists probably dabble in both analog and digital and always will. The pros have moved on to digital as well, again except for maybe 5%.

As your and my generation die off there will still be a few people doing analog but not many in comparison to the population. There is not going to any new resurgence by young people to take this up. Anecdotal stories by members that claim that their daughter or their brothers grand nephew is now shooting with an old Nikon he found in a garage sale is not going to change that fact.

But photography is alive and well despite your depression.