Voigtlander Type 1 screw-to-bayonet M lens adapter for 28mm or 90mm lenses.
New, unboxed.
This adapter is especially useful with lenses that have an infinity lock because the adapter is notched out to allow the proper clearance for the locking infinity pin.
Additionally, it can be fitted to any Leica-Voigtlander type screw-mount lens.
When fitted with either 28mm or 90mm screw-mount lenses, this adapter will activate both frames on all Leica M and similar cameras with built-in switchable framelines.
This adapter can also be used with any digital camera body that accepts Leica M lenses using the appropriate fitting, such as Sony NEX, Fuji X, Samsung, Ricoh, Olympus/Panasonic 4/3, etc.
.........Engraved Voigtlander, Japan
.........Engraved Red Dot
.........Solid Brass and Chrome finish

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