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With this size camera there's no point using sheet film, it is available to special order as part of Ilford ULF annual rum, and I think Wephoto sell it as well.
I like 6.5x9 sheet film. You get the sheet-by-sheet development benefits, and it's a nice mini-contact-print size (that fills out some standard frame sizes a little better than 6x9). I'm all for rollfilm backs, but I wouldn't say there's *no* point using small sheets.

Mirko said the new Adox CHS 100 II will be available in 6.5x9, I think; so that's another option.

The Bergheil is indeed a very nice camera. I got my 9x12 out yesterday for the first time in quite a while and was reminded of what a pleasure it is to shoot. OP, you want that camera!