Daniel, these are impressive - but you have certainly chosen your subjects carefully, It seems to lend itself to bright subjects where there is little difference in light over the subject. My pictures were of landscapes and country barns where there were distant hills, and the hills in particular were awful; another poster explained how atmospheric refraction may make the distant light more blue, and Ektar is just being "accurate" -- not much use to me, however, if it is accurate without a brain to interpret colors.

I did see that on your proof sheet, a few of the images did seem to have a blue cast. Especially the fourth picture on the top row.

These posts have been very useful, and I have picked up some useful information. It would seem first, to treat the film as a 50 ASA film; and second, pick bright subjects with even illumination. And I still think that processing tolerance is an issue; maybe Ektar is more finicky than other emulsions I have developed successfully. I also look forward to seeing if paper choice makes a difference.

I will pack a few rolls of Ektar for my trip, along with everything else, and an extra camera body so I can shoot it alongside Portra or whatever else I take with me.