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I don't know if the following trend speaks about the average age of posters or not. But there has been a definite falloff in the quality of questions being asked in the last couple of years. Not only are the same questions being asked over and over but some show a definite lack of observation by the poster. As an example, (obfuscated as much as possible to protect the guilty) a recent poster was blaming a certain film for effects of light that anyone with a modest amount of acumen would know are perfedtly natural. Does anyone still really look at a scene before they trip the shutter?
My observations as well. When I first began visiting this site there seemed to be a lot of experienced (meaning older?) people answering qood questions. Many of those seem to have left or are inactive now and replaced by inexperienced ones asking the same questions over and over or answering them incorrectly. That is why I strongly advocate new, inexperienced visitors or members reading as much of the archives or articles as they can. That way any questions they have will likely be answered well and they will likely learn a lot along the way that they don't know. That is what I did and learned a lot. Of course they are always welcome to ask a question if they can't find the answer.