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You know? The expectations thing is what really bothers me. They want a whole bunch of digital files, quality be damned, to send to their friends. I want to give them a couple of really fabulous prints that can hang on their walls, their children's walls, their grand-children's walls, and their great-grandchildren's walls. Silver, imbedded in the paper, not ink splashed on top. And certainly not some damned silicon crystals flipped positively or negatively charged.

I have a picture of my grandmother as a child, from 1895 or so, and I love it. I am the youngest of my generation and I don't know who to give it to because, after me, there will be nobody alive who remembers what a wonderful woman she was, nobody who remembers her voice without her false teeth, how she stood at the stove, how she stacked the lefse over the back of the chair to cool. It makes me cry to think about it.
The thing you have to realize is ... it's not about what YOU want and what YOU think is good when it comes to weddings, it's what the bride wants. If she wants all digital files, and you've agreed to shoot it, you have to give them what they want, that's the game, you can try and steer them in your artistic direction, but ultimately it's about their wants not your own, so scan away my friend, because all they want is pictures for Facebook