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Let's be patient, and helpful...
Yet again, I'm with Eddie.

While it may be the hundreth time a veteren member may have read the question, it's likely the first time the poster has asked it. So just answer it, if you know the answer. It's not that hard to do. And it doesn't take much time.

AND... this is not an elite academic environment where it's bad form not to have first read through ALL of the published literature on a topic before asking a simple question.

My college job was working at Disneyland. Wanna' know what the MOST asked question was? Yeah. And not once did my answer ever take the form of, "Well, did you first study the maps you received at the Main Gate to see if you can answer that question for yourself? Come back to me when you can say yes."

All the while watching a couple of young kids doing increasingly painful renditions of the potty dance...

Just give them the answer. All concerned will feel much better afterward. Really.