I'm following but I got lost at setting up a color enlarger properly... never done it but I'm sure I could learn... Chan, you are like advanced class and I'm beginning basics class... LOL I get your point thought. You have a stable light source and it allowed you to determine that the meter in your SRT101 is not reliable, so you use it full manual... My XE-7 is kinds made to use the meter and it's such a nice camera, I wanted to make sure after having to part out my first one due to shutter at 1/1000th sec. not opening and causing unexposed frames for which I could not fix on my own, I use the slide resistor from it in another XE-7 that I broke the slide resistor on while doing a clean up and getting the slide resistor to read again. Once I put the replacement slide resistor in and tested and measured shutter speeds, I compared meter reading with my DSLR aimed at different EV's. Close enough, so I shot a test roll this morning and they all came out exposed properly. I'm a happy camper. Scanning negatives is what I'm working on now... I've ruled out VueScan due to output that is not as good as the Epson Scan software's output. Oh, and to not use digital ice... LOL. I have like 8 SRT's? 101's and a couple of 102's all with mirror lock up. My first GAS camera because they are so basic and good at being mechanical, and easy take the top off and unstick the meter needles from the foam... LOL. I'll be using one for micro stuff and maybe telescope... The XE-7 is my baby and I love winding and shooting it. I have a pretty good kit of Rokkor lenses, so I good to go. Just need to shoot more and practice. I don't think I'll be able to DIY a stable light source, other then the idea of using an LED monitor to do a basic not scientific check of the my camera's exposure meters. If something is way off, I'll have to send it in to keh.com or someplace like it to get it done right in a lab by a pro. I value my cameras, and I need to have the faith and trust in their operation before running film though them. Right now, I'm confident in my XE-7 to do me right, and my Canon QL17 GIII. These two will do me fine for now, and I'll work on checking the rest of my cameras as time permits. Thanks all for the feedback and assistance, info and education... Happy Easter Egg Day!