We've all seen posts about promoting film photography, bemoaning it's relegation to extinction. They pop up every few weeks. But, we can't even be supportive of those who come here, to seek advice and information? People who have expressed their desire to pursue film use, evidenced by their arrival at APUG?

This may sound odd but, when I'm out shooting film (or on the web) I try to act as an ambassador to film use. When out, I'm always patient with questions (they still make film? why not digital?). I can't count the times I've invited people to peek under the darkcloth, and still enjoy the reaction to, "hey... it's upside down." I've actually convinced a few to give it a try- "My Dad has an old Nikon on a shelf. I'm sure he'd give it to me." I give them my contact info, if they have any questions. A few times I've given them developing tanks and some starter chems.

Nothing will turn people off quicker than a community which doesn't seem to want them.