Lots of stuff for sale! Shipping at cost from S4R 4A1 (Saskatchewan), Canada.

Calumet CC400 monorail camera. Good condition including good bellows. Some of the tighteners don't lock the camera down absolutely rigidly but I imagine this is a fairly simple adjustment. Lens board included plus an adapter board that seems to let you mount Speed Graphic boards. No lens. Good, crack-free grid-lined ground glass. Original instruction manual included, and in decent shape. $100 plus shipping.

Pacemaker Speed Graphic with five lens boards, and a Graflex Optar 135/4.7 lens in Graphex shutter. Shutter seems good; the shutter ring is quite tight and a bit annoying to adjust, but the shutter speeds all seem close to accurate except for 1 second, which is slightly slow but in the ballpark. Small coating mark on rear element, otherwise, clean glass. Focal plane shutter seems to work alright, but I used lens shutters when I used it. The rangefinder doesn't work as the camera sits. I have a plastic tray with tons of miscellaneous parts so you might be able to fully restore it. This would make a great starter large format camera system if you pick up a couple of sheet holders. $150 plus shipping.

Minolta Autocord CDSII 120 TLR. I had this overhauled about ten years ago but it has a couple of minor problems: a metal ring has fallen off from around the battery cover (doesn't seem to do anything; the ring is included but the presumed set screw that it needs is gone), and occasionally it has a strange film advance issue where it doesn't properly advance to the next frame. I just put the lens cap on and fire another shot, and then it resumes advancing okay. I would expect this to be repairable but I never got around to it. The lens is clear and sharp (dust but nothing serious), and the shutter works well at all speeds. Included are the (n)eveready case, the weird strap that clips onto lugs on the body and is often not included in used cameras, and the wonderful dual-filter Minolta Autopole polarizer filter that actually lets you view polarization through the viewing lens. The filter's in great shape. I've also included a couple of beater Kodak filters (yellow and red) for your black-and-white work along with a Kodak hood that holds the filter in place on the lens. The meter seems to work quite well. The peculiar two-lens lens cap is also included - not an easy beast to find. $150 plus shipping.

Schneider-Kreuznach Angulon 90/6.8 (no board). Covers 4x5 but not much more (limited movements) but it's really small - great for a compact travel lens. Decently wide on 4x5. Shutter needs a little help (the slow speeds are very sluggish) - the shutter is a Synchro-Compur-P. The glass seems clean (no obvious issues). $100 plus shipping.

Graflex Optar Rodenstock 135/4.5. This is in a Graflex board and has the Graflex 1000 shutter which has speeds from 1/2 to 1/1000 sec. which is rare in a leaf shutter. Slow speeds are accurate; I don't have a tester to test the fast speeds. The glass is clean except for a ~1mm spot on the rear element which looks like a coating spot. It might clean up fine but I'll leave it to you to figure that out. $100 plus shipping.

Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2 for off-camera electronic flash. $20 plus shipping. Good condition; cord's in nice shape.

2% of purchase price (not including shipping costs) to APUG.