Ektar can scan very well, but it is difficult to scan. I suspect it's also very finicky about processing - I nearly gave up on it after the first roll I had processed at a sub-par pro lab which looks absolutely disgusting no matter how I try to adjust it. However with processing at home in the Fuji Press 5L kit, I get perfect results from it.

Lots of examples here. I've also printed some of it to RA4 and I can say that the examples linked there (all are scans from negs) are quite representative of how it prints. It prints beautifully, though of course any scene with more dynamic range than you'd expect to fit on a chrome won't fit on the paper without dodging and burning.

If your shadows are ugly blue, I'm 99% sure that you're scanning it wrong. I find that the Fuji films are easy to scan because their black-point is the film leader density but with Ektar, the black point is somewhat above this and not uniformly so with respect to the different dyes, i.e. one of the dyes seems to have a longer toe or something. If you just set your blackpoint off the rebate, you will get strong and ugly colour casts in the shadows. There's a C41 scanning howto in my FAQ; see the link in my signature and if you approximately follow that, then you should get results that look like scans from chromes.