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Bill is a great guy, he did a CLA and other work (and a screen) on my 3.5F Rollei about 5 years ago. He does like to have a detailed conversation, to his credit I believe it is to make sure you get the right screen model (there are many to choose from).

The Int'l. rates might hold him back on the phone call. Good luck!

FL Guy
Yes, I should have been clear- Bill wants to make certain that you are getting the right screen, that you understand the trade-offs of different styles, etc. For example, in my recent discussion with him about a screen, he wanted to make clear that the split image screen creates focus issues that increase the more you work close and at wide apertures. This is because the habit is to put the desired object at the center of the screen, focus, then reframe. Reframing will change the focus point.

He recently sent me an email that included the following information (in conversation he mentioned that he has reduced his basic screen styles to two, based on a look at actual sales over the last decade or so). I am removing his payment infomration and his phone numbers:

" More than half of my business is international. Read below for descriptions of screens, current prices, payment and shipping options. My HI-LUX screens will look really beautiful in your Rolleiflex TLR (as well as being much, much brighter and easier to focus). If you own other Rollei cameras, I make my HI-LUX screens for the 6000 series, SL66 series, SLX, as well as all models of Rollei TLRs. I also provide my line of HI-LUX focus screens for an incredible variety of both modern and classic cameras of all different formats (35mm, Medium Format, Large Format, DSLRs, Medium Format Digital & Large Format Digital). Please feel free to forward this information to your friends. You may contact me at xxxxxxx (office) or xxxxxx (mobile) with questions or to order:

I make two HI-LUX screens for both the interchangeable hood Rollei TLRs as well as the earlier non-interchangeable hood Rollei TLRs. The screens for the interchangeable hood Rollei TLRs are user interchangeable and do not require any tools or adjustment (presuming that the camera is currently focusing correctly with the original factory screen). The screens for the non-interchangeable hood Rollei TLRs can be supplied either for installation by you or a technician. The self-install kit with materials and instructions is intended for people of average mechanical ability. These screens are:

(1) HI-LUX Brilliant Matte - very bright, contrasty, high clarity, all matte screen - $245.00

(2) HI-LUX Micro/Split RF (Type II) - 4 mm diameter horizontal split image rangefinder in the center, surrounded by a 7 mm diameter microprism collar, surrounded by a bright matte field - $245.00

Line options for screens: All screens are available (a) without lines, (b) with vertical and horizontal crop lines for rectangular pictures, or (c) with grid lines. All of my products are made to order. Please allow us time to produce your screens."

I have the Brilliant Matte screen in a 2.8C. Wonderful. One of those things that if you had never seen it you might not miss it, but once you use one it becomes easier to justify the price. I'm getting a 3.5E worked on by Paul Ebel at the moment and having a Micro/split RF screen installed. I'm interested to see the difference. Since i use the two cameras in different ways, it won't be too confusing.