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OK Polyglot, I bow down to you, you are the King of Ektar! The images are amazing! I don't think I will be able to learn enough by tomorrow to make a success of it for my impending trip, but your images are inspiring, and I look forward to working more with Ektar when I come back. I did have more luck scanning it than with optical printing, But I had never thought to treat it as a slide film before. I think that may be the key to making it work.
Glad you like them.

Indeed, aiming for a narrow dynamic range with high gamma is key to getting good results from Ektar as that is the natural response of the film. You can tame the contrast a bit with a scan but if you go too far and try to make it look like Portra or something, it just looks plain bad.

If you have time then duplicating some of your shots on Ektar would be a worthwhile exercise (it will graphically show you how the behaviours differ under controlled circumstance) but I wouldn't forego taking shots with films that you understand better.