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It was not just beneficial to Kodak. The whole industry was cranked up by the introduction of type 126, including those who did not jump onto the Instamatic wagon.

Type 110 was very effective too.
Definitely 126 did much good for snapshot photography....I remember many friends in my student days, who wouldn't have otherwise taken photos, using 126 cameras (and flashcubes) regularly. IIRC, 110 wasn't quite as popular....the quality of processing could be variable, and most casual users kept with their 126 cameras. or graduated to the easier-loading 35mm which became available. There was also the Agfa Rapid easy-loading system, which never really took off, at least in the UK. (Agfa also produced 126 cameras and film).

Disc film seemed to fail through quality of the film and printing, plus the size of the cameras. APS was certainly ingenious, but expensive to use and superceded by digital very quickly.