I'm looking around at FD and FL lenses in case I can score an F1n body. One thing I notice is that the prices for FL (not surprisingly) tend to be lower. Am I correct in assuming that the only operational downside of using FL lenses on an F1/F1n/F1-new or AE-1 program would be that I'd have to use stopped-down metering? Would I have to worry about the aperture not closing down to the selected f-stop during exposure?

Also -- really stupid question here, but I'll open myself up just the same.
Is "stopped down" metering just the act of depressing or locking down the depth of field preview, taking your meter reading, and using that instead of what your meter reads with the aperture wide-open for focusing? (I'm also assuming that unless you focus and shoot with the DOF closed down, this precludes using any automatic exposure modes.)