Hi all,

I'm prone to post pretty infrequently these days largely because the part of my life when I'm not studying is mostly taken up by this thing.

The short version of the story is that me and a friend started a darkroom here in South Australia in early 2012, built on top of 7 years of hoarded equipment plus 25-odd years in a darkroom between us. We both work extensively in experimental and alternative processes and needed a darkroom facility outside of a university in order to continue our practices, so we bit the bullet and built one. In order to pay the rent we started running workshops with the public and all of a sudden people were all over us and we couldn't keep up.

Previously hosted by Fontanelle Gallery and Studios in Bowden, just outside of Adelaide's CBD, we've now taken out a two year lease at The Mill, a new arts incubator hub in Adelaide City (154 Angus St, just near the Central Markets). This means we have more space, we can split our lab into two rooms (White light room for film developing and alt-process work and then the darkroom space itself), the ability to build our space to our requirements in regards to electricity and plumbing, and finally put in a chemical mixing cabinet for dealing with the ether and iodine fumes we like to work with.

Moving and expanding also means that we can finally hire out the space regularly on weekends, on top of the workshops we run, to help support a surprisingly large darkroom community here in Adelaide. In 2012 we ran seven workshops with more than 30 South Australians in everything from Wet Plate to how to use your Holga.

In order to finance all of the work that needs to be done (all we have right now is square meters of floor space and a very large door), we've started a campaign to pre-sell some of the workshops for July and August, as well as a bunch of other neat things like darkroom access passes, etc. If you are interested in supporting grass-roots analogue photography, please give it a look. Even ten bucks gets your name on a plaque on the wall.