John is correct about other platforms being supported. From the page he linked to you can find them right by the link to the iOS apps.

Android: $3.95
Windows Phone: $3.99

The page John gave the link to also contains the map for use in a browser.


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There are several methods to improve finding your way. Paper maps of Cleveland are available at most book stores. Portable or car based GPS systems allow you to enlarge the maps and get updates. I have wanted to include images of the 600 foot ships and tugboats. Predicting where and when they will be in the area is very easy with software from Each ship has a transponder that reports minute by minute. The port code for Cleveland is CLE just as it is for airplanes. The software can tell you what ships are in port, what are expected, and where each vessel is on the river. There are ($4.99) apps for this for both IPhones and IPads. I’m guessing other devices are not left out.