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I would happily use either without a second thought.
Me too! Even though you're not acquainted with Portra, it's an easy going film: smooth skin tones, great latitude, and all of those things you're probably getting tired of read by now. From my experience, New Portra is a little bit more pale than Fuji 160NS, and may be a bit washed out for your standards; but there's plenty of samples of what it can deliver (like these, not mine), and it's up to you to decide whether it's good or not. But, being your best friend's newborn baby, maybe it's not a bad a ideia to spend a little much and get the pictures you really want. :)
And yes, Portra seems to be the same on both 35mm and MF; but on MF you can push Portra 400 1~2 stops and get little to no grain. It's a great film!