Dear all,
so far I have not found the need to properly mount anything I've done to date. What I tend to do is to print (on RC paper) a 7x5" image on a 10"x8" paper which leaves a 1.5" border all around then either frame this with no over-mat or put it in an album with sticky corners (don't know if that is the proper term for them!). However, I'm thinking of putting in a set of ten prints for the Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS), something I've wanted to try for for years. The recommended format (though not compulsory) is a 10"x8" or A4 print onto a 20"x16" mount. The mount size for this image seems a little over the top for me, but hey, that's what it says. Now, I don't have a borderless easel, so I'd be looking to print onto 10"x8" with a 1/4" border all around (the smallest I can do), but then what? Would I trim the print and just mount it onto 20"x16" mount board? Would I not trim and put on an over-mat, or is that too flashy for a mount of that size? The print would then also have unequal borders at the top and sides. I have no idea really what to try for, so any suggestions of what looks good for a 10"x8" print is welcome!