I'm at the point in terms of critical film testing (very tightly controlled lab conditions) to go so far as
to state that Ektar is the most color-accurate color neg film I've ever used. This applies to a standard
like the MacBeath Chart. The deep shadow are more neutral, and the saturated hues better differentiated. This does not mean it is friendly to sloppy exposure or lack or color-temp balancing when needed, or that it is ideal for the average portrait photographer who wants low contrast and subtle skintones at expense to clean saturated hues. Not for everyone. But it's an absolute myth that there's anything wrong with it. The quality control is superb. I've used it in the field in 35mm, 120, 4x5, and 8x10. You just have to think of it as edging a little more into the territory traditionally held by chrome films. ... but not quite there. But if you're a machine-gunner foaming at the mouth against the
idea of careful metering or using light-balancing filters, maybe you should look elsewhere for a film.