I'm adding a little update after another round of weekend critical testing/calibration etc. The first bit of
infomation is that the current Arista-branded (Freestyle) RA kit performs exactly the same as the Kodak
RA/RT kit is claims to replace. I use it one-shot in drums, and it is a well-priced high-quality offering.
This is marketed for replenishable roller-transport processors, but is excellent in drums too. I dev 2 min
(incl drain) at 83F. The second tidbit regards the latest generation of Fujiflex polyester-based paper. It
is balanced admost identically to regular CAII paper, but as I suspected, has a tad more snap. It is
"digitally optimized" in the sense that they wanted a product with cleaner whites and blacks for titles
on commercial displays. Digital printing was often disappointing in this respect. For my kind of landscape subjects, this is an improvement over the previous Supergloss. But to dispel any notion that
this means the product is somehow disabled from ordinary enlargement capabability - nonsense! This
product is absolutely fantastic under an optical colorhead. But you do have to buy it in a big roll for
about a thousand bucks and cut it into sheets yourself.