i just spent another borring easter weekend and a relatives house and was kindly saved by reading the very inforative thread of Pyro vs Xtol. I use Xtol and really know nothing about Pyro. learned quite a bit fromt it and it made me think hard about giving pyro a try. but it also made me think of something.

one thing that strcuk me from the thread was someone mentioned that (assuming i read it right) what developer you use is going to have a direct effect on how you print and how your print will turn out. several back and forths went on about staining developers and how they could change your development procedure. and this got me thinking. (I'm gonna use a curse word now but this is still on topic) So for someone like me who no longer does wet printing (ex took my enlarger just to piss me off), I've gone to a develop and scan platform, is there be a developer that would produce easier to scan negatives? or is it really not going to make a difference? after reading that xtol pyro thread and how they effect printing differently, it really has me thinkg that a certain type of developer could yield negs that scan easier that others.

this is not a thread about scanning so lets not talk about scanning. lets talk about the process that leads up to scanning, ending with the development. I just trying to find a way to make the whole process more efficient and if a certain type of developer can make scanning easier or more efficient (less PP needed) that I would like to hear from those of you who use scanning and then printing in your workflow and if you have any observations from using different developers.

right now i'm using 35mm tri-x, pan-F and some untra extreme 100 in Xtol.