Indeed! I'd love to see a film that gave me the liberty to mask exactly as I choose. But I'm a bit of a
dinosaur these days. Ektar scans superbly, but when the format gets small (like 35mm) you do need a
very high quality scan. This is the wrong forum to discuss why; and I suspect that folks who are disgrunted with this film are really blaming the wrong part of the workflow. I print it optically and it's
quite an amazing product once you begin to understand it. ... and it's not all about vivid colors! It may
be a little more saturated and contrasty than Portra film etc, but is quite capable of handling subtle
neutral tones too. I wouldn't choose it for taking highschool yearbook pictures of kids with zits with it!
And it's not perfect in terms of hue rendition - no film is! But it is a very high quality product with a lot
of potential. And like I've stated often before, anyone with the skill to correctly expose slide film can
get good results with Ektar. But it's for adults.