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Agfa made a 25ISO colour neg film about 20 years ago. The grain was almost non existent, but the contrast and colour saturation was off the clock. It had zero latitude in both the exposure and development stages. It was sharp as hell but totally unmanageable. I think I used it twice then never again. Almost a forerunner of Ektar in all respects.

Like you I am resorting to Portra after this but if it doesn't come up to scratch it is back to Fuji again
Are you sure that wasn't Ultra 50, not a 25 film? I used it and liked it for some subjects - things that did well looking brighter and more saturated than life and to liven up overcast days. I didn't find it that hard to deal with though it did seem to print more easily on Fuji paper than on Kodak for some reason.