You can find some stuff about unsharp black and white masking, but anything related to color would be
basically obsolete because either the masking film or the output media itself are now gone. But it can
be worthwhile to study such things as a general background. I don't have time to publish anything, as
if that many people were still interested! I blame the web for having become the new standard of visual communication - in other words, the lowest common denominator of quality, and how most people simply have no concept of what a well done color print looks like. The other is the instant everything mentality of our culture (even though a simple mask might do things more efficiently than futzing around on a screen). Perhaps naively, I assume I'm in friendly surrounding on APUG, but without
going into a diatribe of pros and cons, I simply enjoy the tactile side of darkroom work, as well as the
relatively seamless look of true optical prints. For me at least, masking is fun.