A very nice, clean Nikon EM body w/new seals. Working just the way it should and no dents, dings or bruises.
With strap
A like new MD-E Winder.

AND three Tamron Adaptall 2 lenses each with it's own mount.

24mm/f2.5 BBAR MC focus & diaphragm smooth, glass clean, no fungus or marks of any kind. With F&R caps

35-70mm/f3.5 BBAR MC Same as above. No Caps. With filter.

70-210mm/f3.8-4 one touch zoom w/filter, R cap, pouch & lens hood. Slight wear but focus & zoom are smooth. glass unmarked.

Tamron SP BBAR MC 2X teleconverter for use with the 70-210. Makes it a 140-420mm lens. glass unmarked, with F&R caps.

The BBAR MC is Tamrons multi-coating term.

$50.00 + $15.00 Paypal. shipping by Priority mail. Donation to APUG