Nikon S3 body w/ 2 lenses, the 3.5cm f/2.5 W-Nikkor and the UBER RARE, 5cm 1.5(pre-cursor to the Nikkor 1.4).

About 800 or so of these Nikkor 1.5's were made approximately. 500 give or take of those were in S-mounts, the remaining 300 or so in LTM mount.
Check out some more in-depth info at the cameraquest(steve gandy's) website:

The S3 body shows some wear, some scratching on the top plate near the hot shoe. Bottom plate on the left side(rewind fork side) has a ding/bulge in it showing impact.
Functions fine. I've shot with this, but honestly, get more enjoyment out of my Nikon F4 kit for 35mm shooting.
PC port works fine. Hotshoe is untested due to not having the appropriate 22.5v battery for the BC-5 flash.

Included in this "kit" as shown:
1. Nikon S3 body (serial #6305068)
2. Nikkor-S.C. 5cm f/1.5 (serial # 907150) w/ 40.5mm-->Series 6 step up ring w/ Harrison Skylight filter
3. W-Nikkor 3.5cm f/2.5 (serial # 265856) w/ Walz UV filter installed + Leitz hard leather snap case
4. 2-part leather case for S3 body w/ strap
5. Nikon BC-5 folding flash w/ (1) unshot P25 Sylvania flashbulb *has leather case*

Please see the two videos(links below) to show everything in greater detail.

Looking for $3500 OBO shipped worldwide for the kit.
Hard to price this since I haven't seen one for sale recently in an S-mount. One(an LTM mount) sold back in February on e**y, check the completed listings.
If you're a Nikon S/S2/S3/SP shooter, here's your chance to grab a "rare bird" for your collection
Paypal if we split the fees 50/50, otherwise USPS Money Orders, cash in-person if you're local to LA(I'm willing to drive 50mi or so to meet someone).

3% to help APUG if it sells here thru the forum.

video #1(showing the kit and all included pieces):

video #2(showing Nikon 5cm 1.5 in greater, close-up detail):

more pictures of everything, showing details of dings/scratches, etc...

I'm totally open to talking over the phone with anyone who's interested in this kit.
Please send me a PM with your contact info and location/best time to call. I'll make a point to get in touch with you a.s.a.p.
I can talk via G-chat, skype or regular ol landline, your preference!