For sale, a 4x5 and a 5x7 B&J wooden field camera. I'd prefer to sell them both to the same person, especially since I see the 4x5 as a parts donor for the bigger one.

The 5x7 had its bellows painted a couple of years ago and was light tight at the time. They're fairly soft. The back is missing its GG but I have a piece of glass to replace it. The camera does not have the extension rail. The rear standard gearing has something wrong with it that it binds up on one tooth going around - you can push through it but its tight and it clunks - maybe a bent tooth or something stuck in there. Here's where the 4x5 comes in.

The 4x5 bellows were painted at the same time as the 5x7, but the bellows are dried out and very stiff. You can also see the cracks in the corners on that one. Interestingly, the only difference I see between the 5x7 and the 4x5 is the size of the rear box on the 4x5 - the rails and the metal carriers seem to be the same. So, I see the 4x5 as giving up the rail to be the extension for the 4x5, and the rear standard frame replacing the one on the 5x7 should you want to. The 4x5 has no back, just a metal plate attached to the box which will accept a graflex back in landscape orientation.

Photos for the 5x7 are here and photos for the 4x5 here.

Looking for $125 + shipping for the pair.


IMG_0001 by Fotoguy20d, on Flickr