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As I see it, folders from him have had a CLA which would surely be worth a hundred bucks give or take by itself. I have a Perkeo II and an Ercona II from certo6 that I've had a lot of fun with. And indeed, the cost of the film I've put through the Perkeo has probably reached three times what I paid for the camera, especially since I've shot some color and had it lab processed. None the less, if you got a folder in good working condition for $5, you've done well (and been damn lucky!) At the time I bought the aforementioned cameras, I had followed ePrey auctions on some and they went for way more than $5; that plus the CLA and some vague sense of warranty caused me to go to certo6. Of course both those cameras are sixty years old, so one doubts they will go another 60 (but then, neither will I! )
I agree. While Jurgen is at the top of the market, he is not grossly overpriced. There is value in knowing that you are getting a lens and shutter that are operating as well as they did when they left the factory.