Over time, we will be losing more and more of the old-timers who grew up with analog photography and had a large knowledge base about it, and being replaced by more and more who grew up in a digital world and simply do not have the knowledge of the old-timers. Knowledge relating specifically to analog photography, over time, will be diluted and lost. This results in the potential for newbies and others getting incorrect or incomplete answers. But even though we are losing the old-timers we still have their knowledge in the archives. The more the archives are read, the more the old-timers' knowledge base will be passed on to the newbies who seek it and be preserved.

For those who don't know, the search function is not the only way to access the archives. At the bottom of each page you can click on Archive-Search and a page will come up with all the forums. Click on a forum and you can access any thread out of the past.