Hey guys,
So before they were discontinued I used to shoot a ton of Agfa APX 100 and 400. The 100 speed remains to this day my favorite film. I was luck enough to have bought a ton of it right before it stopped being available (by chance, actually -- I didn't know that they had stopped making it until later). Once I learned I couldn't get any more I started rationing it as best I could as I've been searching for a replacement. Now I'm down to two 36-exposure APX 100 rolls and one roll of the 400. I've started using HP5+ a lot for ISO 400 and I really love it, more than the APX 400 actually, but I haven't found a 100 speed that I like yet. I really miss the tones of the old Agfa, like the ones I got in the picture I attached. So I guess that the question is: what 35mm, 100 speed film can you recommend that might get me similar results? Thanks