Just the opposite, Athiril - it's easier to get deep blacks printing optically. Lightjet and similar exposure
devices are dependent upon computer tweaks to correct the overall curve, but are not especially strong
light sources, esp the green lasers. With enlarging such adjustments can be done by film masking, if needed at all. Paper grades are somewhat limited nowadays in the RA4 dept, but the quality of the paper is outstanding, and Ektar prints absolutely beautifully on all the Crystal Archive papers for example. Like anything else, you have to know what you are doing. If someone wants "soft" or bland results, they'd be better of with Portra 160, or could purchase some of the Type P paper that's still around. All this jabber that, because these newest paper are "digitially optimized" means they are
somehow less suitable with an ordinary colorhead, is absolute nonsense. They are better than ever
for the analog darkroom. Now maybe not everyone has fancy additive colorheads like I do, but even
with traditional subtractive colorheads these papers should equate to a general improvement in color
reproduction. But I'd be careful to tailor the subject matter to the most reasonable film first. Ektar
ain't Portra, and Portra ain't Ektar!