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Don't store XTOL with Dust-Off
I don't, nor do I use any other gas. Instead, I've purchased these bottles:

They're glass with teflon-lined caps. After mixing five liters of XTOL (using distilled water), I fill 20 of the bottles to their tops, then cap securely. No oxygen is in or can enter the bottles. Each one constitutes a single film development run and is used in its entirety at one time. XTOL does develop a white, filimentary precipitate after a while, even when it was mixed using distilled water, but pouring through a coffee filter eliminates that very easily. I've used XTOL stored this way for a year with no difference between exposure or contrast indices of the resulting negatives compared to those developed with freshly mixed XTOL.

A one-time, lifetime investment. No squeezing, no gas, no marbles, no fuss, no muss.