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Konica was the the perfect example like Miranda of an example of the old addage that you can make the best the best product in the World, but if it doesn't sell it's nothing.
I have both Miranda and Konica gear as well as Pentax M and K and I used Nikon, F, F2, F3 for years. Although both Konica and Miranda had good glass, Konica made some of the best lens of the day, each had flaws. Miranda had a very limited lens line up, for the EE only a 25 to 200 and a non EE 300, the 400mm made by Soilgrar and other third party lens makers used a 44mm internal thread mount and did not couple to the meter at all. Compared to Minolta and Pentax, Miranda’s were also expensive. I bought a Konica T in the late 60s with a 50mm 1.2 lens, best 50ish 35mm I ever owned. I have the Konica 1.4, 1.7, and 1.9 all are great lens. But I needed a motor drive and moved to a Nikon F. Later Konica’s, T 4 and FS ect had slow winders without rewind. Miranda never made a motor drive. It seems that the Dx had the contacts for a drive or winder but the company filed before coming out with a winder. The puzzler to me has always been Minolta, they competed with Nikon and Cannon without a full system camera until the XK which had its own flaws.