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Well yeah, I didn't want to start a scanner or digital debate, I was more explaining my reasons for wanting to develop my own stuff.
No problem. I just wanted to inform you of the utility of actual dark room prints not dump on scans. And I wouldn't take one person's post as representing the consensus opinion on any internet forum. The moderators of this forum scan and post images so obviously they have some interest in scanners as I'm sure most of us do. Multiple digital tools for analyzing negatives are discussed on this forum. Where one member draws the line is up to them. Personally even after I set up a darkroom with two enlargers I still scan all my B&W white negatives. While a darkroom print is the only way you can really tell how a negative is going to print I can tell all kinds of things on a scan. I have diagnosed inadequate agitation. I diagnosed improper agitation. I diagnosed air bells. And of course I can proof images for focus and other things a lot easier on a scan than a contact sheet. If you have a problem with streaks, scratches, uneven development, banding, etc. One of the first things people with ask you to do around here is to post a scan.

The most expensive digital thing I now use to analyze my negatives is a Zonemaster II. There are plenty of posts about that device on this forum and the guy who manufactures it seems to post here regularly and is welcomed with open arms.