Here's something a bit different...

... A Birdcage Awl ...
An age-old technique re-invented for the large format photographer.
A few twists creates a tapered hole to match the taper of #4 to #7 screws.
Avoids wood splitting, no raised ridge around the screw.
The lens seats squarely against the lensboard.
You could make your own. But if you'd rather not, here's a nice one...

Compact, 135mm (5") long.
Hard, long wearing stainless A2 alloy tool steel point.
Genuine cherry hardwood handle and sheath.

Simple, compact and easy to use, keep it in your "field service" toolkit.
For Wood, plywood, "Masonite" or plastic (PVC/ABS) lens boards.
Not suitable for metal or composite (fiberglass) lensboards.

$17.50, postpaid in US, ($18.50 to Canada, $19.50 to Europe and Australia/Asia).


Photo 1 is finished product, (2&3 were prototypes).