The pile of received cards yet to be commented on got too high for my liking this morning.

BoxBrownieDown by the Jetty- A nice image, iconic of public infrastructure throughout the world – Plant once proudly built then left to blend in to the world by somewhat benign neglect. Obviously this terminal is still suited to the task, boarding any waiting passengers.
I enjoy the slightly out of focus image of the far shore, and the capture of the image on an overcast day contributes well to the feel, and mate with the image tone and surface finish you have rendered on this print.

hankins27Old Church – Apparently abandon for quite some time. A sign of the dwindling impact of small towns to me. The area is still being farmed though, if I interpret the plowed land to the edge of the building correctly.
I like how you have set the building askew to the margins of the image print to enhance the settling foundations of this building. Nice tone in the sky, and overall print contrast.

MattKing ‘At the End of the Dock ‘ – thank goodness for the title. I at first blush before reading the title had this being a double print of two negatives- one of an old building taking looking to the sky, and the other being the tree line . Then the title told me it was a reflection in the still water , and my building became the corner of the dock decking. Nice sharp image, good micro contrast in the foreground, and good tone balance in the rest of the print.

megzdad81‘Streamside Detail 4’ Fibre based paper developed in Amidol! So this is the black blacks people have spoken of that Amidol yields. The first time I have seen it. I do like it. The print has a nice crispness in its breadth of tones. My minor quibble is that the print I got is bled printed on one side, and margined on the three remaining sides, which tends to pull my eye.

Rince Thank you for sending over two images to me.
‘Support and Strength ‘An abstract image of a hook bolt anchored into a precast concrete surface, with a loop of steel cable hung over the hook. The print conveys the scene nicely in an overall low key tone, with nice crisp focus. The text takes the image and drives a great message home.
‘Fleeting Moment’ Time moves on, don’t try to chain it down, but then contrast it with what photography is really about. Good use of thirds, shallow depth of field, and placing elements at or near the thirds intersecting locations Good overall use of contrast in the image.

Trsvax‘Rockin in Austin” A neat image with the stones placed on the weathered stump. I would be interested to see this image printed perhaps a tad lighter, with the contrast adjusted, so the lower left shadow did not merge with the dark side of the trunk. Otherwise an neat and quirky still life image arranged out in the field.